Since arriving on the scene in 2015, Anna Scheibling has worked to capture and intrigue the art community with her beautiful work. She gathers much of her inspiration from personal tales, the environment, and cultures around the globe. Having grown up in an artistic family and travelled the world, her paintings embody her own life experiences, which has led her to work with different perspectives and create a vibrant style full of energy and optimistic colours. Each painting is a unique expression of her deepest feelings, her reflexions on happiness and positivity. The final results are often highly dynamic, playful, representing her spirit in a motion. 

Anna's paintings are created through a process of building up, using dense layering, textures of paint and mixed media.

"The use of texture, layers and radiant colours reveals how I see the world."



There is so much darkness, sorrow and violence in this world, I'd like to bring this world a little more colour, peace, joy and love...



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Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland


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